About Us

Our History

Bradford Schools traces its beginnings to 2013 when it opened its doors as a pre-primary school catering for children between 12 months and 6 years. As the school’s enrolment grew, there were overwhelming requests for the school to open a preparatory school to cater for foundation phase learners. Five years later, the school opened its Preparatory School in Glen Austin, Midrand. Due to the school’s reputation for high quality instruction and performance, we have experienced significant enrolment growth over the last two years and the school’s growth path is on a high growth trajectory. 

Bradford Schools was founded on the principle that the period of a learner’s development is a unique stage in any child’s life, and hence the attainment of high-quality education is crucial to ensure a good foundation for future development, health and wellbeing of a child. 

Our Philosophy

Thriving in today’s fast changing world requires a breadth of skills rooted in academic competencies and 21st century skills while holding true to “old school” values. At Bradford Schools we create a quality learning experience that ignites imaginations, develops critical thinking skills, encourages out of the box ideation while embracing traditional values. 

Our Vision

Bradford Schools aspires to be one of world’s leading educational institutions providing high-quality education that unlocks optimal potential from learners.

Our Mission

Bradford Schools commits to excellence in the delivery of the Cambridge International Primary Curriculum, helping learners reach their full potential.

Our School

Learning at Bradford Schools is an active and dynamic experience. Our teaching emphasises on establishing solid foundations for the future through a supportive and stimulating learning environment that promotes positive self-esteem and self-confidence. All learners are encouraged to maximise their potential in all areas of the curriculum. We encourage development of critical thinking and problem-solving skills from the onset. 

At Bradford Schools, every learner: 

Has access to high-quality teaching, and experiences a wide range of learning opportunities that equips him/her to be confident, acquire life skills and develop strategies.
Is exposed to a rigorous Cambridge International Primary School Curriculum.
Has an opportunity to pursue his or her interests and lifelong passions.
Learns to embrace diversity in a “home away from home” with exposure to different cultures, nationalities, races, & religions.
Is exposed to a unique learning environment designed to ensure global competence & engaging experiences.
Is further challenged with a variety of educational tools incorporated into the curriculum including THRASS, Robotics & Coding, Singapore Maths as well as Matific.
Experiences a warm and welcoming environment which makes school a happy place. Your child will thrive and flourish to the fullest extent possible.

Our Campuses

Vorna Valley Campus

This unique campus is testimony to our vision where we pride ourselves in catering to each learner as a distinctive individual.

We are incredibly proud of our Vorna Valley Campus and the happy, vibrant and purposeful community that has been built over the past nine years. Our exceptional team ensures that our children feel loved, and well supported. both at school and at home.

We give our pupils the skills they need to stand tall in today’s changing world. They are self-confident and focused. They understand the importance of adaptability and creative thinking.

We warmly invite you to visit our campuses. Book for a tour today!

Glen Austin Campus

Nestled in the serene picturesque and boomed off secure estate of Glen Austin, Bradford Preparatory School (“Bradford Prep”) offers a peaceful and ideal learning environment for learners from grade 1 – 7 and Bradford Pre-Primary caters for children between the ages of twelve months and six years.

Bradford Prep is a contemporary school that is fully equipped with modern technology that enhances the learning experience by putting cutting edge technological tools at the learner’s disposal. Our learners benefit from access to world class facilities including open plan classrooms which allow plenty of natural light as well as free access to outdoor spaces.

Our ergonomic furniture has been engineered with learners at heart, incorporating chairs with back support and desks with bespoke storage facilities, all at appropriate child height. Our partner, KCSA (www.kcsa.co.za) supplies high quality furniture which carries the GS symbol, the official certificate of tested safety in accordance with the German guidelines and standards. All classes are fitted with interactive smart panels supported by high-speed internet bringing the whole world into our classrooms.

We take special care to bring on board and retain the right team of teachers who are not only qualified and experienced, but also passionate and dedicated to teaching young minds. These are professionals who derive personal fulfilment from sharing their knowledge, skills, values and attitudes with our learners. Bradford Pre- Primary takes pride in catering for each learner as a unique individual. Our learners benefit from individual attention and motivation in a supportive and stimulating learning environment.