Welcome To Bradford Schools

A Cambridge International School

Bradford Schools is a Cambridge International School and partner of the British Council which offers an exceptional learning environment for young minds. We are dedicated to optimizing the potential learners have for acquiring knowledge at an early age. 

Discover the perfect environment for your child to be nurtured into unlicking their full potential!

Committed to Excellence in Pedagogy

Bradford Schools offers a unique learning environment designed to ensure global competence and an engaging experience for all our learners. We facilitate learning experiences that encourage children ‘how to think’, to be able to question the status quo, to imagine, to find solutions to problems and to pay attention to detail.

Principal's Message

Meet Our Executive Principal

Andy Haefner

We create a quality learning experience that ignites imaginations, develops critical thinking skills, encourages out of the box ideation while embracing traditional values.

Our Campuses

Bradford Schools is comprised of Bradford Preparatory, Bradford Pre – Primary Glen Austin and Bradford Pre -Primary Vorna Valley. Our schools provide an ideal environment for teaching young minds. 

Our Partners