Bradford Preparatory School: Grade 1 - 6

2024 Fee Structure

R26 400.00

Termly – payable on or before the first day of each term in January, May and September

R7 200.00

Payment over eleven (11) months (Jan to Nov) – on the first day of each month

R6 600.00

Payment over twelve (12) months (Jan to Dec) – on the first day of each month

R75 240.00
Once-Off Payment – by no later than the 15th of January

Meals per month(OPTIONAL)

Monthly – R1 500

Sundry Fee-Gr 1

R2 200.00

Textbook Fee

R2 400.00

Robotics & Coding

R2 400.00

Enrolment Fee

(once off and non-refundable)

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