Why Choose Bradford Schools?

At our prestigious Cambridge school in Midrand, Gauteng, we go above and beyond to ensure that each child’s educational journey is a foundation for future success. Our unwavering commitment lies in establishing solid foundations for the future, empowering young minds with the tools they need to excel.

Through our supportive and stimulating learning environment, we foster a positive atmosphere that nurtures self-esteem and confidence in every learner. Our dedicated team of experienced educators understands the importance of creating a safe and encouraging space where children can thrive academically and personally.

Cambridge International Primary Curriculum

Competitive Coding, Robotics & Engineering

Digital Literacy & Computing

Lesson delivery through use of advanced technology

Ergonomic furniture

Serene & Secure learning environment

Aviation School

Extra-murals, Sports & Cultural Activities

Co-Curricular Programs

Unique Learning Environment & Individualised Teaching

Outdoor Learning Experience

Healthy Meals