Cambridge Early Years Centre

Bradford Cambridge Early Years Centre holds the key to a successful and fulfilling school career

Bradford Pre-Primary School offers a nurturing, co-educational environment for learners from Grade 00000 (1 year olds) to Grade R (5 turning 6 years). The Pre-Primary School has two campuses one at Rosie’s Place and the other in the heart of Vorna Valley.

At Bradford Pre-Primary, every learner has the unique potential to unlock a myriad of opportunities. Our learners are challenged to develop their academic potential from the outset and encouraged to be problem solving thinkers from an early age.

A Confident Start

1. Cambridge Early Years Curriculum

Bradford Pre-Primary offers the Cambridge Early Years Curriculum The Cambridge Early Years Curriculum is designed to encourage learners to express their opinions and feelings and to give them the knowledge, skills and understanding they need to be able to think creatively and solve problems effectively. The curriculum covers six key learning areas. Each learning area is implemented through planned, purposeful play and a mix of teacher-led and child-initiated activities.

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Listening, Speaking and Reading

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Personal, social and emotional development is an important part of early childhood development as it contributes to the full personal development of a young child and extends a person’s ability to respond effectively to daily life challenges.

Listening, Speaking and Reading

Our Literacy Program enables children to communicate effectively – the ability to communicate effectively is essential for any learning to take place. It focuses on teaching children to listen, understand, recall and respond appropriately to different situations.

At the end of pre-primary education, our learners are able to communicate confidently using age-appropriate language, have a good knowledge of the phonemes taught and are able to build three letter words. Children can also recognise sight words and are able to read picture books with simple captions.


This learning area develops a growing understanding of problem solving and numbers, through stories, songs, games and play. Learners should become comfortable with numbers, counting, shapes, patterns and use of appropriate Mathematical language. Through the Singapore Maths teaching model (, the school has consistently witnessed strong foundation in Mathematics for all our learners.

Physical Development

Physical development includes both gross and fine motor skills. Gross motor development refers to the activities that stimulate and strengthen the development of large muscles to facilitate balance, coordination, body awareness, reaction time and locomotion. Fine motor development focuses on the small muscles required for manipulating small objects and tools.

Knowledge and Understanding of the World

Our learners make sense of the world around them through exploring the natural environment and using tools and different materials to make things. This learning area is reinforced through incorporating Global Perspectives Cambridge Primary Global Perspectives.

Creative Development

Creative Development is a crucial part of our curriculum. It focuses on developing imagination and creativity in art, music and drama, fantasy play, crafts, painting, movement, dance and imaginative and role play activities.

2. Raising a globally competent child

Our teaching programs are designed to prepare learners for the demands of the “real” 21st century-world, beyond our imagination. Our goal is to ensure that all learners begin their journey to become critical thinkers, active problem-solvers, inquisitive readers, diligent researchers, productive citizens, future leaders and prolific writers. Some of the programs incorporated in our offering include Leadership and Entrepreneurship, Global Perspectives, Matific, Mathseeds, Singapore Maths and THRASS.

Leadership & Entrepreneurship

At Bradford Pre-Primary, we believe that soft entrepreneurial skills are not taught through traditional skills. Entrepreneurship starts with building learners’ self-esteem, independence and problem-solving skills thus building a good foundation that enables the learners to grasp some business concepts. Our learners are smart enough to be trained in the confidence-rich, risk-taking spirit required to start businesses. This learning area gives the learners the opportunity to grasp business topics at an early age through a structured program and activities.


The Matific learning area is implemented together with the Matific and Mathseeds programs.

Matific is a web-based learning program which integrates home and school learning in the areas of Mathematics. Learn more at:


Mathseeds is a brilliant math program that make learning math highly rewarding and motivating for young children. All learners are allocated a unique username and password which allows them to access the Mathseeds Program using any compatible computer or mobile device both at school as well as outside the school environment.

Teaching Handwriting, Reading and Spelling Skills (THRASS)

THRASS® is a unique phonics programme that has been specifically designed to teach learners about the 44 speech sounds (phonemes) in spoken English and their related 120 key spellings (spelling choices or graphemes) in written English

3. Our Teaching Method

We differentiate learning according to your child’s developmental and individual needs and track each learners’ progress throughout the year. Our teaching approach recognises that each child is unique and hence requires a tailored learning experience.

Our passionate teachers adopt a one-on-one approach and learners are given plenty of indoor and outdoor learning opportunities. We believe in allowing individuals to find their niche in an ever expanding, technological world.